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What's Maisha

Maisha! isa non-profit, voluntary organization, founded on March 15th in Padua, Italy, by a group of people who, after visiting Tanzania, wanted to actively envolve themselves in guaranteeing basic human rights (heathcare, education etc...) for local children.

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Maisha's aim is to contribute to the promotion and development of initiatives aided at supporting the children, by participating in the creation of day-care centres, implementing educational programs, and carrying out research to identify and study the origin of the main problems concerning many people in the communities. Furthermore the implementation of new technologies is encouraged for the economic growth and improvement of the developing areas or countries, in collaboration with government agencies or other institutions, both national and international which work in the same field.

The idea of creating a non-profit association for charitable goals originated after several visits of the board members to Tanzania and more specifically in Arusha. They became aware of the difficult situation of many orphans regarding education and healts. During these visits, the board members became acquainted with and eventually set up links with, Malaika Children's Home, a local organization created with the aim of helping abandoned and orphan children, by building a care home in order to provide them with assistance, support and education.


Malaika Children

Africa presents two faces:

it's a beautiful place to see the wonder of creation, of magical experiences. But it's also a place where too many babies and toddlers face the sadness of abandonment.

Malaika children's home will give some of these children a reason to smile!

malaika children

Click on image to visit Malaika Children's Website

Help us!

Your support is needed! Help us to give orphaned children a home and a future!

Donations will be used to promote a project that cares for abandoned children by clothing, housing, educating and feeding them.

Please send DONATIONS to:

MAISHA! Associazione ONLUS - Banca di Credito Cooperativo Sant'Elena - AG.5 - Padova - CC 501194 - CIN M - ABI 08843 - CAB 12101 MAISHA! Onlus - Via Trieste, 2 - 35100 - Padova (PD) - IBAN: IT 51 M 08843 12101 000000501194

Thank you for making a difference!


Sostieni Maisha

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